Saturday, 27 March 2010

Flares and Smokes

These two ‘things’ washed up last month on Studland beach, and were found by the patrol. They look brand new and are hand flares carried by sea kayakers and dinghy sailors. Always good to have as a back up to a VHF radio which all should carry. They’ve now been properly disposed of.

Great bits of kit, nice and small so easy to stow, reliable, and safe if used correctly. You get a lot of bang for your buck.

Keen eyed readers will see one is a red flare for catching attention at distance; the other an orange smoke for giving a position to a helicopter or boat when closer to the scene.

Cost for insuring your life... £12.40 for flare, £7.10 for smoke...and that’s incl vat. (I thought vat was on ‘luxury items’ not basic safety equipment)

Bargain really, escpecially when a pint of cider is now well over £3.00- thanks darling.

By the way, if you see one on the beach give us a call on 999 and we’ll come and sort it out. Never be tempted to pick them up even if they do look new as these really can do some damage in the wrong hands.

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