Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Busy Day

Busy day down the station today.

First thing this morning a couple of the team had their medicals to ensure they were fit enough to be Coastguard Rescue Officers........thankfully no problems.

Terry and I then headed out on a patrol, lots of people about but thankfully no incidents.

Tonight was training, deputy blog forgot and thought we were having a secret meeting and then realised it was in fact training.
Tonight's training was communications, map reading and local knowledge. The team were given map references via radio and then they had to drive to that location and confirm what was found, like a telephone box. To ensure there was no cheating the team had to give the telephone box number or we followed them in another vehicle, the final test was for Dee to navigate from Wytch farm back to the view point using the map.......everyone got home safely.

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