Sunday, 12 February 2017

Flying Visit

The CG rescue helicopter from Lee On Solent visited Swanage yesterday in order to give the lifeboat crew a chance to look through it and to  understand the medical and lifesaving equipment it carries.
Just as we work closely with the lifeboats, so does the helicopter but because of the nature of the incidents there's never time to stop and talk. Hence a visit such as yesterday's where there's no casualty and no urgency is invaluable.
The Coastguard volunteers first  prepared the Peveril Point landing site and gave the all clear for the helicopter to land, and whilst the lifeboat crew looked round the helicopter, the team chatted to the flight crew - which usually consists of a minimum of a pilot and co-pilot, a paramedic winchman and a winch operator.
Afterwards there was time for a quick photo with the crew before they headed back to Hampshire.

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