Monday, 22 December 2014

The Ben Fogle Advent Calendar - 22 Dec

Nearly there now, and today its the turn of our paramedic Chris, who later described Ben as 'his new best friend'.  Ben apparently described Chris as 'who?'

Ben's starting to look like he's had just about enough of this advent calendar thing (I certainly have), so tomorrow we'll have one last starstruck photo and it's gonna be Gareth's turn with Ben....

Saturday, 20 December 2014

The Ben Fogle Advent Calendar - 20 Dec

Today, its the turn of our Sector Manager, or SCOO as he's now known, Allan.  Not content with photo bombing Terence Edmunds (aged 12)'s photo earlier in the calendar, he now wants a selfie of his own.

Ben's not sure about the flashy waistcoat.....

Friday, 19 December 2014

The Ben Fogle Advent Calendar - 19 Dec

Just opened today's calendar, and here's Kerry.   But what else is she up to....?

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Don't get stuck

The team is currently monitoring an area north of Sheps Hollow, at the north end of Swanage Bay.

Where the clay is washed onto the beach it is making the sand very soft in places and this could cause a risk to small children and dogs.

Also keep clear from the base of the cliffs , there is in places quite a lot of movement.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Ben Fogle Advent Calendar - 17 Dec

The Advent Calendar is still going strong, and here's a special one....its only Ian, the boss.

Ben standing in a hole

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Large Fire at Belle Vue Farm

Dorset Fire and Rescue are currently dealing with a large fire at Belle Vue Farm (South Swanage).

Advice has just been issued to residents to keep windows closed.

New Keela HMCoastguard Kit

The August uniform orders have finally come through with our new 'active base layer' tops. 

To quote the manufacturer Keela:

'Keela's high performance active layers give superior wearer comfort during sporting activities at any level. Perfect for use on their own in warmer climates [Swanage] or as a base in a layering system in colder climates [Worth Matravers]' 

Keela Tech Fit 

So the Coastguard Team will be nice and toasty when we are out on the cliffs.

One slight downside is that they are a 'Tech Fit' which basically means that they are very tight; ...very tight indeed. Which is fine if you have a physique like me ;-).

Some members of the team will however look like shrink wrapped turkeys.

Bernard Mathews Tech Fit

Anyway Brain has volunteered to run a number of fitness sessions in the new year, entitled  'Podge Club'. 

The first rule about 'Podge Club' that we don't talk about 'Podge Club'.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Alcatraz Prison 1962 - Did they escape?

A fascinating article on the BBC about 3 men who in 1962 tried to escape from Alcatraz Prison – an Island off San Francisco. After digging through concrete with spoons they put to the water in a raft. They were never seen again! So did they make it to shore?

Alcatraz Escape simulation.Delft University and the research institute Deltares
Researchers used ‘virtual boats’ to map what may have happened when the 3 men went into the water. The findings differed dependent on the time they left the shore and whether they paddled or not. 

Bestcase scenario

The study was carried out be scientists at Delft University and the research institute Deltares, both in the Netherlands. 

Sunday, 14 December 2014

First Bus - HMCoastguard

Following on from the tram blog the other day.....


First Bus promoted HMCoastguard on a fleet of their buses across the south west. First Bus'
Marc Reddy - Regional Commercial and Business Growth Directorfar left) just happens to be a Coastguard Rescue Officer for Southbourne Team in his spare time.

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When Marc's not working on the buses, or jumping over cliffs (with ropes on!) to rescue people, 

....he's eating sweets.

The Ben Fogle Advent Calendar - 14 Dec

Who's keeping Ben company today?  It's Steve's turn!