Friday, 29 July 2016

Double Cliff Rescue at Anvil Point

The volunteer Coastguard Rescue Officers from Swanage and St Albans teams were tasked this afternoon to Anvil Point.

Two climbers, ,one aged 15 were in need of rescuing from the base of the cliff having got tired.
The male had climbed up to use the emergency phone at Anvil Point before returning to keep the female company until the Coastguard arrived.

The Volunteer RNLI inshore lifeboat joined the rescue effort to provide safety cover.

The teams set up the rope equipment and sent the cliff technician down and brought the 15 year old female up first, before returning for the male climber who was with her.

Neither climber needed any medical treatment.

All rescue teams were released at 18.30

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The neighbours have left

We have had some special people on the car park this week - a film crew.

They have been using the car park as a base - some top stars including some chap called Harry Styles !

Then we woke up this morning and they were all gone

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Our front window

Last week the MCA posted this view of the pilots of a Coastguard helicopter ......well there was a challenge to match

This is our version following the incident on Sunday ,

Man Dies in Sea in Bournemouth

BBC News reports some sad news from along the coast.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Cold Water shock kills

The Coastguard have brought a new hard hitting video out to warn of the dangers of cold water especially when mixed with alcohol.

Cliff (Rope Rescue) Training

The team were up bright and early yesterday for some cliff training - or more correctly 'rope rescue' training on the Downs.

First jobs: get everybody there, get the kit there and unloaded

Kerry was the first cliff technician to 'go over'.....

...followed by Nick who never misses a good photo opportunity...
...followed by Brian who took the dog bag in order to recover an imaginary Rottweiler.  He brought back some rocks instead.
Recovery of the techs was by 'tugger', a block and tackle device with a nominal 5:1 gearing (remember your 'O' level physics!)
Ian ran the session - well, he did have his smart uniform on! We'll make sure he goes over next time.

The cliff face was very loose and crumbly at the bottom.....
....with evidence of a recent cliff fall.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Is this the way to Bournemouth ?

The team have been called this afternoon to a report of two males walking along the base of Ballard towards Old Harry Rocks.

A local fishing boat called the report into the Coastguard concerned they were putting themselves in danger.

The team headed off and soon found visibility was low. The fishing boat reported the two had since turned around and were heading back to Sheps Hollow.

The team met the pair who confirmed they had hoped to walk back along the shore to Bournemouth.

Some directions and safety advice was offered including tides and checking a safe route home.

Diving Pains

The team have been dealing with a young diver today after he experienced severe head pains after surfacing.

Having just ordered a round of teas at the Seagull cafe following an early morning cliff training session, the team noticed the young lad in considerable difficulty across the road by the water's edge.

The dive instructor was already calling for an ambulance so, conversing  through the National Maritime Operations Centre  (NMOC), the team liaised with the duty doctor at the decompression chamber in Poole, exchanging details of the pains and symptoms for medical advice.  

Based on the depth of the dive, it was felt that a painful squeeze related to difficulties with equalising was probably to blame rather than anything related to decompression. When the ambulance arrived, the team handed over to paramedics who, after a thorough check over took the boy, who had by now calmed down considerably, to Poole hospital as a precaution.

Before the ambulance left, the team checked the welfare of both the boy's father and the diving instructor and once satisfied, stood down and returned to the cafe for a well deserved cup of tea.

#always on call

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Don't jump into the unknown

With the warm weather the sea , rivers and waterways become popular too cool off.

Please don't take risks and jump off piers , bridges and jetties.

You don't know what's below the water.

Secret Assignment

Away from front line Coastguarding, some of the team were called upon last night to help out with a secret assignment.

The assignment was so secret that the team, consisting of Ian, Nick, Brian, Terry and agent Eric (who drove the truck) had to sign non disclosure agreements prior to the tasking, which was carried out under the cover of darkness.

Seriously, they did, so we cannot say any more, except that it was a bit of fun and that we made it clear before the special assignment that we'd have to run if the pagers went off.  Fortunately they didn't!  #always on call. # drinking tea