Saturday, 23 July 2016

Don't jump into the unknown

With the warm weather the sea , rivers and waterways become popular too cool off.

Please don't take risks and jump off piers , bridges and jetties.

You don't know what's below the water.

Secret Assignment

Away from front line Coastguarding, some of the team were called upon last night to help out with a secret assignment.

The assignment was so secret that the team, consisting of Ian, Nick, Brian, Terry and agent Eric (who drove the truck) had to sign non disclosure agreements prior to the tasking, which was carried out under the cover of darkness.

Seriously, they did, so we cannot say any more, except that it was a bit of fun and that we made it clear before the special assignment that we'd have to run if the pagers went off.  Fortunately they didn't!  #always on call. # drinking tea

Friday, 22 July 2016

Be aware , crumbling cliffs

A check of the cliffs at Durlston this week found a few cliff falls , some quite large.

With the warm weather , things are drying out , cracks appear and the cliffs break away.

Along the Dorset Coast there have been several reports of cliff falls , be aware and keep away from the edge.

999 Coastguard

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Search for missing male

The volunteer Coastguard team were tasked just before 6pm this evening to search for a missing 81 year old in the town.

Having been with his family there were concerns for the male so the family called the Police and Coastguard to assist.

The RNLI lifeguards and inshore lifeboat also were involved searching the shore line.

Coastguard Rescue Officers deployed quickly and carried out a 'hasty' search of the search front and the gentleman's holiday address.
A hasty search is a rapid search plan covering roads and open spaces quickly before a more defined and detailed search is carried out.

After a few minutes Dorset Police confirmed the male was safe and had managed to get home.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The Rhino

You may have read during this weeks cliff incident the teams were assisted by Dorset Police who brought their Rhino.

Well just in case you were wondering what Swanage Neighbourhood Policing Team had secretly hidden.......

A rather handy handy 4 x 4 buggy rather useful for this area for transporting Police Officers to scene and our equipment.

A lot of the Purbeck patch is difficult to get to in a traditional police vehicle and it's often important to have Police attend incidents to assist.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Take a Break

We had a comment to a recent blog noting that it's easy to forget we are all volunteers.

Whilst that's probably true, we don't do it for the recognition, although it is nice to be appreciated and your kind comments are noted.  This also goes for the support we get from local businesses and organisations.

After a search for a missing swimmer at the weekend, the beach café at Middle Beach kindly provided us with refreshments before we headed off on our next task.  The café at Middle Beach has always looked after us and we really do value your support.  Thank you.

Take a Break - courtesy of a well known beach café at Middle Beach, Studland!

Monday, 18 July 2016

Climber airlifted after 40ft fall

The Swanage Coastguard team along with colleagues from The St Albans Coastguard team were tasked this afternoon at 3.30 to a report of a climber fallen from cliffs.

The area the climber was climbing was Cattle Troughs which is between Anvil Point and the Western Mile Markers.

The climber had fallen approximately 40ft receiving head and leg injuries.

Both Swanage RNLI lifeboats launched and put crewman ashore whilst the Coastguard teams set up to put a technician over the cliff.

Due to the injuries the rescue helicopter from Lee on Solent was requested to airlift the climber.

Rescue 104 airlifted the female to Southampton hospital , Swanage Lifeboat took one of the party back to the Lifeboat House whilst the Coastguard team brought a second climber back up the cliff.

All under the watchful eye of the Officer in charge, Dorset Police assisted at the scene with their off road 4 x 4 Rhino which assisted getting equipment and team to the scene.

Swanage Community Defibrillator Partnership - Official Launch

Its been a busy week, and something we haven't managed to report until now was the official launch on Wednesday of the Swanage Community Defibrillator Partnership (SCDP)

SCDP has been established by a group of local individuals seeking to purchase and maintain strategically located Lifesaving equipment for the town and neighbouring villages.

The devices can be accessed 24 hours a day via 999 and the Ambulance Service who will give you the location of the nearest defibrillator, its access code, and importantly stay on the line whilst treatment is given.  The call to 999 also triggers the despatch of an ambulance.

The volunteers behind the partnership include two serving Coastguards from the Swanage team.  All represent local community groups, but have done this out of their own time and resources and we take our hats off to them.  They are, from left to right Maggie Hardy - Swanage Rotary Club,   David Corben - Swanage RNLI,   Lisa Mattei - Resus Officer Dorset County Hospital ,  Ian Brown - Swanage Coastguard,  Kyle Hickman - Dorset Police & Swanage Coastguard.

Photo Credit: APM Wright, courtesy SCDP blog
To find out where the various defibrillators are located, take a look at this map.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Busy, Busy, Busy

The first Saturday of the school holidays brought a very busy day for the Coastguard volunteers, with 8 incidents recorded through the day.

The day started just around 11.00am when the team met a local dive boat from which a diver had been airlifted a short time earlier.  The diver, returning from the Everleigh wreck had planned to take a scheduled 10-metre stop on his ascent, but had lost control of his buoyancy and despite his buddy's best efforts, had continued to the surface.  He showed no symptoms of the bends, but after a call to the dive doctor, was airlifted to the compression chamber in Poole anyway.  The team liaised with the diveboat skipper and the diver's buddy to check their welfare and to collect background information leading up to the incident.

Incidents continued to occur during the day, and the next task was to clear Studland beach so that the Royal Navy EOD team from Plymouth could blow up some wartime ordnance discovered there.
World War II munitions discovered on Studland Beach

Working with Police and National Trust to clear a very busy Knoll Beach
That done, there were two separate boats in trouble that the team kept a look out for and watch over,  before setting off for the mouth of the Wareham River where there was an 80-year old boater stuck in the mud on a low tide. In the event, our colleagues from Poole lifeboat undertook this rescue and the team returned to Studland where they supported Police and Ambulance services in the immediate aftermath of a road traffic accident on the Studland Road.  First aid support was provided to the Paramedic and logistical support to the Police.

Eyes On

On returning to the station, the team were just washing the vehicle down when they heard a Mayday call from a yacht on fire off the Training Bank at Studland Beach. After liaising with the National Maritime Operations Centre, and not knowing if casualties were likely to be in the water, the team made good speed to the site ready to provide sitreps to the NMOC and to deal with any casualties and / or debris washed on to the beach.  In the event, Poole ALB extinguished the fire and the casualties were transferred by Poole ILB to the Poole pilot boat and taken ashore.  Once the fire was out the lifeboats towed the burnt out yacht to Poole and the Coastguard team set off back to base.

The yacht crew were rescued by Poole ILB before Poole ALB tackled the fire

The day was not quite done yet, and a direct call from a local family saw first aid advice and support given to an unwell relative.  The team advised the tasking of an ambulance and waited until the paramedics were on scene.

Finally, some 12 hours after the initial call out, the vehicle was returned to the station, the logs written up and the lights turned out on a busy day.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

A very busy day

The team have had a very busy day with numerous incidents throughout the day.

Having been first called this morning the team are on their 8th incident.

Full updates to follow