Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Carnvial Procession

See how tall the Station Officer really is !

Tall Stories

There's a bit of light hearted banter and some fierce rivalry amongst the team about who's the tallest. And more importantly who isn't. You see there are three members of the team whose uniform sizes read XS and yet they're still too big.

So yesterday we decided to judge once and for all

On the far left and right we have the judges, Jayden (coastie overalls) and Roger (minion hat - no, we don't know why either). In the centre of the shot, the three competitors, Ian in the high viz, Kerry in the shades and Terry in the, in the.....Terry, where are you?  Terry?, Terry?....oops, clearly not quite tall enough to make the photo.

So that's it, Terry's the most down to earth member of the team, the one who still gets half price at the cinema and the last to know its raining when he goes outside. And as for the other two...has Ian spiked his hair up?  Is Kerry on tip-toes?   The reader must decide.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Swanage Carnival 2016

Swanage Carnival 2016

Save the date...next year it's 30 July - 06 August 2016

More on Swanage Carnival 2016 here - http://www.swanagecarnival.com

Finally The Sun Came Out

After the heavy rain .......finally the sun shone

Colleagues from St Albans came down to support us and we borrowed the Bosses car for the weekend.

We hope the Carnival managed to collect some donations for their many chosen charities.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Coastguard and lifeboat deal with grounded vessel

On arrival at the forward operating base , the team spotted a drifting vessel about to hit the banjo jetty.

The team immediately deployed to assist calling the NMOC.

Both Swanage RNLI lifeboats launched along with the Coastguard deploying for a possible water rescue.

The lifeboats arrived and quickly got the vessel under tow. The two on board the boat were surprised their anchor had dragged and with the weather pushed them ashore.

The Team never lets a bit of rain spoil a good breakfast.

Unusually this years multi agency briefing was attended by less than a few people.

In fact it was just the Coastguard and ......

Gareth briefing the team on how many sugars Roger has in his tea

Carnival at 16:00

The Carnival procession has been put back until 16:00 to allow the weather to clear.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Carnival begins

Long day for the team starting with a military parade.

Coastguard providing safety cover to the rear of the parade.

A fair amount of tea was drank whilst the team waited for the 1st incident based in the forward operating base.

The 1st incident was a yacht collision in Studland and the team called to locate the owners.

We worked closely with the police today , another incident which Coastguard and Police attended was when the team observed a speed boat close inshore to the quay at high speed and turning dangerous.
Speaking to the persons on board they claimed they had a medical emergency but declined both a lifeboat or ambulance.

Strong words of advice were given due to the risk to swimmers and had they had an emergency perhaps calling for assistance would have been better.

Finally the fireworks before returning to the station at 22.30

Carnival Day Weather - I'm sure it'll brighten up!

Swanage Carnival Weekend!